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Premium Credit Ireland Ltd – Paying your Premium!

Important information to read regarding the setting up of your monthly payments.

(If you have paid for your policy in full, you can ignore this step.)

Only the policy holder can set up this agreement and payments must be made from the

policyholders account unless you have advised us otherwise.

If you are under 18 years old, it is not possible to arrange direct debit monthly instalments

on your insurance policy.

– Within the next two working days you will receive an SMS and email with a link to download the application.

– A password will be provided in the SMS and email which will enable you to log in and submit the requested documentation.

– You must have the following items under Central Bank regulations in order to complete the finance application:

1. Valid proof of identification (driving licence, passport).

2. Proof of address (copy of Insurance Certificate – attached to the email, utility bill or bank statement dated within the last six months).

3. Proof of PPSN (payslip, P60, P45, medical card, any letter from revenue, social services or employment affairs).

4. Valid bank account in Ireland (Revolut and Credit Union accounts are not acceptable).

-Alternatively, if you have requested it, a hard copy will be issued to you to sign, complete and return to us along with items 1-4 above.


Q When will my monthly payments begin?

A Provided the application is completed promptly, the first instalment will be one month from the inception date of your policy. (e.g. If your policy starts on 1st of January, your first payment will be collected on 1st of February.)

Q Who/what are Premium Credit?

A This is the name of the finance company who arrange the monthly instalments with you and your bank. They pay off the balance of the policy for you and you are re-paying them in monthly payments.

Q Can I use my public services card as proof of my PPSN?

A No, unfortunately. Only the following items are acceptable: payslip, P60, P45, medical card, any letter from Revenue, social services or employment affairs.

Q Does my proof of ID/PPSN/address need to include my middle name/double-barrel name?

A Your documents will need to match the name on your insurance policy. e.g. If your driving licence has a double-barrel/middle name, this should be the same on your insurance documents.

Q I have been asked for a second proof of address. Why is this and what forms are accepted?

A This is required if another person is paying the instalments from their account. We can accept a utility bill or bank statement dated within the last six months.

Q What is the interest charged by the finance company?

A The interest charge varies dependent on the amount financed, this will clearly by noted on the Finance Application or Renewal Paper work.

Q What do I do if my password and D.O.B. don’t work and I can’t log into the app?

A Contact the office to confirm your details.

Q How much are my monthly instalments?

A. Once you have logged into the app you can view a number of documents. View the credit agreement which will note your monthly payment amount.

Q The app won’t work on my phone. What do I do?

A Contact the office and we will arrange an alternative method for set-up.

Q I have deleted the text message I received. What do I do now?

A Check your emails (including junk folder). The same information will have been sent via email.

Q My payment has not gone through.

A Premium Credit will make two attempts to collect the monthly instalment due. If the first one does not come out, they will attempt to collect again after five days.

Q I missed a payment. How do I pay this off?

A You will be notified of a missed payment via letter. This will give you 10 days to clear the default payment. You can do this by calling our office on 0818 92 92 42.

Q I don’t want to agree to the loan/credit agreement?

A Please contact the office. You will need to arrange to pay the policy in full or source an alternative means to pay for the insurance.