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MBC Insurance have been arranging Goods in Transit Insurance for close on 30 years, the cover is designed to protect goods and stock that are in your care or control and to provide financial certainty in the event of a claim or incident.

MBC Insurance Goods in Transit / Marine Cargo Cover can be arranged on a annual basis, for specific loads and also as an inclusion  under your combined insurance package thus reducing the need for a standalone or separate policy.

Standard Cover includes :

  • All risks cover including accidental damage, theft & fire, over turned vehicle etc

Points of Note

It is important to note that Freight Forwarders, Hauliers and other Companies contracted for the delivery of your goods are only liable in the relation to the damage caused to your goods as a result of their negligent handling of your goods which may not offset any loss to you the customer in full.

If your goods are damaged and the Carrier/Haulage Company is not found to be at fault then there is no cover for your goods.

It is therefore prudent that you contact MBC Insurance to arrange your own Goods in Transit Cover to ensure that you are covered for all eventualities.

Goods in Transit Insurance Cover Provided by Carriers:

  • The Carrier only provides compensation if their liability is shown to be involved and they do not have a defence under their Conditions of Carriage
  • The Carrier can limit their liability to an amount which my not reach the market value of the goods
  • The Carrier‚Äôs Conditions can be restrictive e.g. they may not be responsible for the loading and/or unloading of the your goods
  • Goods damaged during the sea transit may not be covered
  • Recoveries from an International Carrier may involve lengthy negotiations and any action may have to be taken under a foreign legal system

Benefits of having Goods in Transit Insurance:

  • Cover is automatic and easy to arrange with the minimum of paper work
  • The full extent of the cover is known from the outset and offers a level of financial security to you the customer
  • MBC Insurance can structure the cover to cover all of your own specific needs.
  • Cover can be extended to include temporary storage, distribution and exhibition risks.

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