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Farm and Construction Machinery Dealers Insurance Scheme

Farm and Construction Machinery Dealers Insurance Scheme

As a farm or construction machinery dealer, your business relies heavily on your equipment. Whether you’re selling or leasing machinery, it’s crucial that you have the right insurance coverage to protect your business and your assets. That’s where our exclusive insurance scheme comes in.

Our Motor Traders Road Risk or Fleet Cover Specialist Exclusive Insurance Scheme offers comprehensive coverage options for machinery dealers, including:

  • Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft, and Third Party Only options
  • Business and Social Use Vehicles – any vehicle that is the property of the insured or in their custody or control
  • TPPD LOI – €30m for private cars and €6.5m for all other vehicles
  • Gross Vehicle Weight up to 40 Ton
  • Vehicle limit of Indemnity €150,000
  • Replacement locks – €2,500
  • 6 Yr NCD available
  • Step-Back No Claim Bonus – as standard
  • Fire Brigade fees – €10,000
  • €500 ADF&T standard excess – increased to:
    • €1000 for Provisional Licence Holder aged 17 – 20
    • €1000 for Provisional Licence Holder aged 21 – 24
    • €750 for Provisional Licence Holder aged 25 and over
  • Facility to include directors’ own cars under the MTRR directors
  • Third Party Contingent Liability
  • Unaccompanied Demonstration/Tuition – limit €100,000 – €750 excess
  • Windscreen Cover where Comprehensive cover operative – €400 limit any one incident or €800 in any one policy period
  • Liability to and of Passengers
  • Drivers as submitted – Open Driving own employees 25 to 70 years automatically
  • Automatic Trailer Cover for attached and detached

Our scheme is designed to meet the specific needs of farm and construction machinery dealers, so you can have the peace of mind you need to focus on your business. Contact us today to learn more about our coverage options and how we can help you protect your assets.

Key Covers and Property Section

Key Covers

  • Contingent Third Party Motor Insurance cover for mechanically propelled vehicles hired out to customers
  • Contingent Accidental Damage, Fire & Theft Cover for equipment hired out to customers
  • Goods in Transit Cover
  • Defective Workmanship/Service Indemnity
  • Cover extended to include items in a compounded area

Property Section

  • Material Damage All Risks
  • Fire Brigade Charges – €10,000
  • Removal of Stock debris
  • Cover for Vehicles on Forecourt or in Compound – €2500 excess
  • Contingent Accidental Damage Fire and Theft cover for Equipment hired out to customers Subject to €2500 ADF&T excess and €100,000 limit each and every loss
  • Reinstatement following Loss
  • Replacement Locks – €2500
  • Personal effects – €1500
  • Employees tools – €2,750 any one person subject to €5,500 any one loss
  • 50% Day One basis – on Buildings and Machinery only
  • Glass all fixed internal and external glass
  • Computers cover including
    • Increased Cost of Working and – €15,000
    • Reinstatement of Data – €15,000

Business Interruption

  • Consequential Loss based on Gross Profit Sum Insured
  • 12 Months Limit of Indemnity
  • Cover: As per the Property section including
    • Public Utilities – limit €25,000
    • Denial of Access – limit €25,000
    • Customer Extension – limit €25,000
    • Suppliers Extension (EU only) – up to a maximum of €25,000

Contact us today to learn more about our coverage options and how we can help you protect your assets.

Goods in Transit Section

  • Goods in Transit – Max Value €150,000 any one load
  • Section Excess – €2,500
  • Territorial limits – Ireland, UK & Europe

Money Cover

  • Crossed cheques, giro, postal orders, money orders, bankers drafts
  • Credit card sale vouchers – €375,000
  • Money in till between 8.00am and 9.00pm – €700
  • Personal Assault: Contingencies – €20,000

Computer Equipment Section

  • Computer and Telecommunications Equipment – Reinstatement Basis
  • All risks cover on portable diagnostic computers

Employers Liability Section

  • Split between Clerical, Manual and Others
  • Compensation for Court Attendance – €500 Director, €350 Employee
  • Property Repairs Automatic
  • Cover for Working Directors Note: Full details of Payroll required including working directors salaries

Public Liability, Products Liability and Service Indemnity

  • Public Liability – Limit of indemnity €6,500,000 as standard
  • Products Liability and Service Indemnity – LOI €2,600,000 subject to €1,000 excess