It is one of the the most commonly asked questions on our phone lines daily. The frightening reality is that many consumers are puzzled by what the difference between ‘driving of other cars’ and ‘open driving’ actually is.
It’s important to know exactly what is and what isn’t covered under a car insurance policy before getting behind the wheel of someone else’s car. As we all know, the consequences of drivers without insurance cover are severe.

DOC – Driving Of Other Cars
1. This extension applies ONLY to the policyholder. This allows policyholders to drive someone else’s car provided it is not owned, leased or hired by them. The cover is usually on a Third Party only basis. Some companies offer driving of other cars on a comprehensive basis, so it is important to check your exact policy wording or just give us a call in our offices and we can check your policy. This extension doesn’t apply to every policy so it’s important for all L Plate drivers and drivers under 25 to check the wording of their insurance policies. This extension should be used in emergencies only as the level of cover is very basic.

Open Driving – Restricted Open Driving
1. If included on an insurance policy this allows drivers to drive the policyholder’s car once they have the owner’s permission. It’s usually required that a Full EU Licence is held, no previous claims or convictions are had and drivers must be between the ages of 25 – 70. There is no need to call and add named drivers provided they meet the criteria, which can be very handy and cost-effective to a policyholder.
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