What is Fronting?

Fronting is when someone insures a car in their own name on behalf of another driver, who is often younger and less experienced.  They claim to be the main user of the vehicle when in fact the younger driver is actually the main user.  However any resulting reduction in premium could come at a very high price.


There are many reasons why Fronting is a very dangerous practice:

  1. Fronting is misrepresentation of information on an insurance application which amounts to fraud, and hence is a very serious issue. Making a false declaration by saying that someone is an occasional driver as opposed to the main driver of a car is committing fraud.  Fraud is against the law and can result in a criminal conviction.
  2. Fraud drives up the cost of insurance for everyone.  The increasing levels of fraudulent claims and Fronting is one of the driving factors behind the steep rise in motor insurance premiums today. Car insurers across the market are adopting a zero tolerance approach to insurance fraud.
  3. It can increase the likelihood of an accident.  Fronting may result in a younger or inexperienced driver gaining access to a car more powerful than they are capable of driving.  This can have devastating consequences.
  4. The driver may not be covered in the case of an accident.  If these drivers are involved in an accident and insurers investigate and find out that the named driver is actually the main user, the insurance policy will be deemed invalid.  The policy holder may then have to cover the costs of the accident, including vehicle damage and medical bills, as well as the costs of any other parties involved.
  5. It may result in a conviction, fine or both the policyholder and the driver of the vehicle could be convicted, fined and potentially banned from driving.

Honesty is key to making sure that you are fully covered.

When applying for a motor insurance policy you are asked a number of questions and it is important to answer them honestly to make sure that you are given the policy that best suits your needs.  The most important one, in this case, is whether you are the main user of the car being insured, and if not advise who the main driver is.


Should you wish to learn more about this Aviva Insurance have produced and interesting article on this matter, click on the below link to find out more!