MBC Insurance and our Techinsure.ie brand are one of the leading providers of Cyber Insurance Protection to Irish based companies.

Technology allows us to connect in previously unimaginable ways worldwide. Our digital fingerprints are everywhere, and as businesses collecting all this personal information we need to be aware of the risks we face in doing so. Businesses are retaining and using data such as credit card details, clients details and many other forms of data and it is a public responsibility and legal obligation to keep it secure. Opportunistic and innovative cyber criminals have more access than ever before and now unfortunately it is a case of when a data breach will occur rather than if a data breach occurs!

Cyber Liability Insurance provides cover in the following areas

  1. Data Liability – Covers the financial consequences of losing or mis-appropriating customer or employee data
  2. Crisis Management and Response Breach Coaching
  3. Administrative Obligations – Covers the potentially significant costs and expenses of a data protection regulator’s investigation and fines following data security breaches
  4. Electronic Data – Covering the costs of restoring, recollecting or recreating data after a leak or breach


Should you wish to learn more please take some time to review the link to the attaching Hiscox Insurance Cyber Insurance Explainer Video.

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