It is that time of the year again when we all look to head off on our holidays, some of us when traveling abroad choose to hire a car but are we all aware of the terms and conditions of the contract we sign for our hire car?

  • Do you know that all Car Hire Companies have an excess of anything between €900 & €2,500 , that you have to pay if the vehicle is damaged?
  • If it is damaged they just take an amount of money from your credit card
  • You have signed the terms and conditions, so they can do it without your permission
  • When collecting car , make sure you check the vehicle for damage
  • They determine the amount – Most people only become aware of this after they have been charged

The solution is to purchase a single or annual Car Hire Excess Policy, available to buy through our website at MBC Insurance Car Hire Excess Insurance

Car Hire Excess Policy Cover Summary

  • Damage & theft excess on hire cars – up to €4,000
  • Cover Available
    • Single Hire (up to 180 continuous days)
    • Annual – includes in country cover (up to 62 continuous days)
  • Age Limit        21 – 84 years
  • Maximum cover limit
    • €4,000 any one claim
    • €5,000 any one year on annual policy
  • Car rental only
  • Family Cover available (immediate family)
  • No excess – full claim paid
  • Policy also covers
    • Fire, Theft & Vandalism
    • Tyres, Keys and windows
    • Undercarriage


  • Optional Cover – Supplemental Liability Insurance if travelling to North America


With cover costing only €2.99 per day in Europe and €3.99 per day in North America it might save you from a very costly bill.

Buy today via the MBC Insurance Website at MBC Insurance Car Hire Excess Insurance